The iPad apps I Can’t Live Without

I was recently  reading The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Prof Hacker Blog when I stumbled across an interesting post entitled 5 iPad Applications I Can’t Live Without (and Why) (  After reading this article I wondered: “If I had to choose, what would be on the top of my App list?”…

so here they are!

Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix is a task organization tool that aids in both task tracking as well as prioritization.  It is based off of the quadrant prioritization method where you draw a set of axes then label the four quadrants so that each quadrant represents a different level or importance and urgency.  While Priority Matrix  can predefine these levels for you, the labels are fully customizable so you can really make this matrix your own!

Once your matrix is set up all you have to do is add tasks and assign them to a quadrant (don’t worry you can always move them later)!  You can track your progress on tasks, the due date for deliverables, and categorize tasks to keep all aspects of a project on track.  This App can be a real time saver in that it not only keeps you organized but also helps to identify what needs to be accomplished first.



Evernote is an online note organization program that now comes to your iPad via the Evernote App.  Evernote helps you to organize your notes all in one place so that you are never without your notebook! I find it to be handy for taking notes during meetings, lectures, or while out and about on campus.  I can later retrieve the notes from the web, the App, or my desktop computer.  Want to learn more about Evernote?  Prof Hacker posted about that too!


NPR is my personal news source, and while I am not promoting any one source of news for you they do have a great App.  A news reader can help you keep up with current events.  If you don’t have time to read the paper, a news reader like NPR could be a good choice for you!


OK, I know, iBooks is another Apple App but I have found it to be very useful!  Did you know you can upload your journal article PDFs to iBooks through iTunes?  or any other PDF you have for that matter.

While iBooks does not have annotation features it can be a great way to bring those PDFs with you for easy review in class or journal club.

Now, what is on the top of your list?

2 thoughts on “The iPad apps I Can’t Live Without

  1. My must have app of the day is Dropbox. If you have less than 2G of files that you want to share between your computer and iPad, this lets you do it nicely (for free.)