Women in Wine


Emily McLean, Logan Visser, Beverly Farmer (CEO, Women in Wine), Lea Strangio, and Aline Tomasian

South Africa has an established wine industry, with European settlers planting the first wine farms in the late 1600s. While Blacks and women have been intimately involved in the success of the industry, serving as farm laborers, neither group has owned a wine production company in South Africa until recently. Women in Wine is South Africa’s first wine company to be completely owned and operated by Black women. Following ten years of growth and success, Women in Wine is seeking new opportunities for expansion. Using a mixed-methods approach, this project explored how Women in Wine is positioned in both the domestic and US markets, offering recommendations on future directions. Our findings indicate that Women in Wine could take three main directions–refine its ‘concept brand’ for the current market, rebrand its super-premium incorporate features that buyers and consumers view as high end, and establish a “home” for the brand by obtaining and operating farm land.

Mission in a Bottle: Exploring Market Expansion Opportunities for Women in Wine (Final Report)

Final Presentation — Women in Wine