Stellenbosch University: Car Free Day

Trevor Dowd, Tauny Tambolleo, Kailey Catyb, Jason Rivers

Social inequality affects transportation in Stellenbosch, including high usage of personal vehicles by predominantly white drivers who cause road congestion and parking shortages. Working with faculty from the Department of Logistics at Stellenbosch University, our goal was to investigate considerations for a Car Free Day in Stellenbosch to mitigate congestion issues. We developed a plan by interviewing experts and stakeholders and observing traffic. The Car Free Day involves park and rides for driving commuters, local business engagement, and options for sustainable transportation. Our findings revealed concerns with commute disruption and a racialized disparity with public transportation awareness and use, especially around minibus-taxis.

Paving the way for a Car Free Day in Stellenbosch, South Africa