2021 Projects

In the Fall of 2021,  Six teams of students originally selected for the Cape Town Project Center relocated to San Juan, Puerto Rico for their project work due to COVID restrictions. They worked under the supervision of their advisors Gbeton Somasse, and Scott Jiusto.

We are enormously grateful to our numerous partners who sponsored 6 projects: Caño Martín Peña-ENLACE, Corporación Piñones Se Integra (COPI), ID Shaliah, LimPiaR, and the WPI Office of Sustainability.

In Puerto Rico, the Cape Town cohort worked alongside 5 other teams of students originally selected for the Albania Project Center and who were advised by Bob Hersh, Leslie Dodson. Read more in the WPI Journal about this unique experience and how the projects contribute to Advancing Resiliency Projects in Puerto Rico.

The following projects are the focus of the 2021 Cape Town Project Center in Puerto Rico:


See more information on all the 2021 projects and their reports at the Puerto Rico Project Center.