Advancing a Healing Garden Program and Partnership

Ciara Young, Mairéad O’Neill, Chris Davenport, Matt Adams​

To support the Healing Garden Institute (HGI), this project created an overarching strategic plan for healing garden programming and development and advanced a partnership with an organization serving a vulnerable population. We conducted interviews, visited local healing gardens, read peer-reviewed literature, and examined award-winning gardens to gather expertise about healing garden design elements, therapeutic horticulture activities, and design process to structure our strategic plan. The HGI Design and Partner Guidebook and supplementary design tools, meant for both internal and collaborative use, detail this planWe researched and evaluated organizations in Worcester that already work with HGI’s target population to find potential partnersAfter initially identifying four organizationswe prioritized Seven Hills as our first potential partner and created an aesthetically pleasing yet informative presentation to further engage their interest. 


Advancing a Healing Garden Program and Partnership

HGI Design and Partnership Guidebook

Plant Planning Workbook

Garden Activities Planning Workbook