Enhancing Angels-Net Foundation’s STEAM Program and Visibility

Angels-Net Foundation (ANF) is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower immigrants and refugees to succeed in the Worcester community. This project’s goal was to help ANF be better equipped to accomplish their mission of assisting immigrants and refugees through two objectives. The first, creating an interactive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curriculum for ANF’s afterschool program, was accomplished by testing 3 beta activities with middle school students, creating a PowerPoint containing 22 lessons, and creating a supplementary guidebook designed to aid the program’s teacher. The second, enhancing ANF’s visibility, was accomplished through the creation of a new website and an increased social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedInThis was supplemented by a social media and website guidebook, along with outreach to local organizations with an updated sponsorship letter based off their original template. 

IQP Final Report CTPC 2020: “Enhancing Angels-Net Foundation’s STEAM Program and Visibility”

ANF Social Media and Website Guidebook

ANF STEAM Curriculum Instructor’s Guide

ANF STEAM Curriculum PowerPoint

ANF Virtual Visibility Outcomes

ANF Website

ANF IQP Team Final Presentation