Khulisa Social Solutions: Walking Tour


Colin Coutts, Kyle Suchanek, Masha Nikulina, Hope Clairmont

Homelessness is a result of inadequate housing and limited economic opportunities. This project aimed to expand the work skill offerings of Khulisa Social Solutions by developing a homeless walking tour in collaboration with homeless individuals involved in Khulisa’s Streetscapes program to serve as an employment opportunity and awareness raising tool. The tour was informed by our observations and interviews of tour guides and our daily interactions and collaborations with the participants. The pilot tour implemented our findings related to duration, distance, timing, number of stops, as well as the deep personal stories the participants shared with us. We also offered suggestions for an evaluation tool that considers skills such as communication, self-confidence, and reliability.

Not just another Giraffe: The collaborative development of a homeless walking tour in Cape Town, South Africa