Addressing Food Insecurity in the African Community

Isabelle Chi, Mary E. Scrivanich, Camila Cavalcanti Bezerra M. Carvalho, Lauren Guerrero Negrón

In Worcester, Massachusetts, food insecurity is rising among the African community due to socioeconomic barriers and ineligibility for food assistance. There is a need for food pantries that cater to the cultural, linguistic and health needs of Africans. To address this issue, we developed a plan for a long-term food pantry to be run by the Massachusetts Organization of African Descendants. We conducted semi-structured interviews with local food pantries and a food bank, developed a survey to gather information about the targeted community, and designed informational products about the importance of healthy eating. Project outcomes included a website to facilitate visibility for the food pantry and a business plan that outlines how to establish and maintain the pantry.

Addressing Food Insecurity in the African Community in Worcester, Massachusetts

Recommended Business Plan for Ubuntu Food Pantry

Map of African & Black Organizations and Local Food Pantries