Towards a Transformative Housing Model for the City of Cape Town, South Africa

Project Sponsor: Mr. Duke Gumede, Program Manager at City of Cape Town’s Human Settlement Directorate
Team members: Isabelle Lachaux, Lorena Nunes, James Obermaier, Samuel Ott
Team Advisors: Gbeton Somasse and Thidinalei Tshiguvho


Photo of the Project Team


This project aims to assist the City of Cape Town’s Human Settlement Directorate (HSD)
in proposing for an innovative housing model that would be sustainable and integrative. We
interviewed engineers, urban planners, NGOs, and marketing experts and conducted
documentary research through case studies of similar projects and legislative documents
outlining government policies. We synthesized 9 key findings addressing the lack of social
amenities, importance of location, need for collaboration, and social inequities in Cape Town.
We also created a document we called “Proposed guidelines for a Transformative Housing


Project Files


Executive Summary