Month: April 2011

Creating Accessible Presentations

WPI has a new Director of Disability Services starting on Monday, May 2nd and in honor of our new colleague, I thought I would do a post on designing accessible presentations. First, let’s introduce and warmly welcome Aaron Ferguson!  Aaron comes to WPI from Springfield College where he served as the First-Year Success Coordinator.   You may…Continue Reading Creating Accessible Presentations

Technology in the Classroom: Teach to your talent

Recently, I was listening to a webinar with one of my favorite speakers in education – Sir Ken Robinson.  He gave a famous TED talk in 2006 (4 million downloads!) , and then followed up with a new one in 2010, talking about the role of creativity in our school systems.  Although the talk is really…Continue Reading Technology in the Classroom: Teach to your talent


The Challenge SPAM! No, not SPAM the food SPAM, the stuff you get unsolicited in your email inbox! SPAM, often generated by computers termed SPAMbots, can originate from many places on the web.  For instance, some SPAMmers troll webpages looking for email addresses to add to their databases, while others use online forms to generate…Continue Reading Gotcha CAPTCHA!