LMS Unconference

WPI is pleased to be participating in NERCOMP’s LMS unSIG Unconference this March!

Whether your campus has adopted an out-of-the-box learning management system (LMS), an open source solution or has developed a home-grown course management system (CMS), challenges surrounding management, deployment, assessment, upgrades, training, support, security and integration with campus resources are universal. The LMS Unconference SIG will focus on these common issues.

Attendees may include anyone involved in:

  • initiating an upgrade for an existing LMS
  • selecting a new or replacement LMS
  • implementing a new or replacement LMS
  • ongoing management of an existing LMS
  • developing best practices for training and support
  • creating instructional design strategies
  • developing SIS or other campus technical service and resource integrations
  • course development, content management, course design and course administration
The format of this SIG

The unconference format empowers participants to craft the conference program and provides opportunities for them to become the presenters. Participants, rather than event organizers, determine the topics covered in session tracks. This means that the agenda is not predetermined months in advance, but instead will include the issues and concerns that are most significant to attendees on the day of the conference.
All registered attendees will have an opportunity to propose a topic, facilitate a discussion and contribute based on their own experience at the unconference.

To learn more, visit the LMS unSIG Blog at:  http://edtechgroup.org/lmsunconference/

To register today, visit NERCOMP at:  http://www.nercomp.org/events/event_single.aspx?id=6976