Why can’t I right-click to copy and paste in myWPI anymore?

The January 4th update to myWPI/Blackboard brought us some new features, including the new visual text-box editor (VTBE).   We’re very excited about the new VTBE as it introduces many improvements, including the ability to resize the text-box editor space (drag the hashmarks in the lower right-hand corner to resize your typing space) and also the ability to cleanly paste text from Microsoft documents, without introducing bizarre spacing, screwed up bulleted lists, etc.   Aside from a significant redesign of the VTBE, you’ll notice that right-clicking within the text area to copy/paste no longer works.   Fear not, it’s not broken!   This is intentional.   The old VTBE used Javascript to incorporate in those menus that appeared when you right-clicked, giving you the option to copy/cut/paste selected text.   In the new VTBE, these menus (menuscript?) were disabled because of the risk that the text in your clipboard could then be stolen – using Javascript – by malicious websites that were visited during the same browser session.

So technical mumbo-jumbo aside, can I still copy and paste text into the new VTBE?  

Safely and securely?


You have three options:
1) use your browser’s Edit menu to cut/copy/paste text
2) use keyboard shortcuts (Control+C = copy, Control+V = paste on a PC; Command+C = copy, Command+V = paste on a Mac).
3) use the VTBE cut/copy/paste commands (see below)
Cut Copy Paste commands in the new VTBE




the new SP10 VTBE
the new VTBE in Blackboard


Want to learn more about the VTBE?   Visit this page:  http://www.wpi.edu/Academics/ATC/Collaboratory/HowTo/MyWPI/Bb9/textoptions.html