Uploading Videos to Echo360 and Sharing

This blog shows you how to use Echo360 to upload and then share your videos. First we’ll cover how to upload a video. Then we’ll show you the different ways of sharing your video once it’s in Echo360.

Uploading a Video File
Sharing the Video

Uploading a Video File

You don’t need to use Echo360’s recording tools to upload a video to the platform. If you have a video file and want to share it, follow these directions.
First, click on the Echo360 button on the left side menu of the Canvas course site. Then click Create in the top menu as shown below. Next, click upload media.



When you click on Upload Media you’ll be prompted to select the video file you want to upload and then save it to Echo360. Once the uploading process is done, the video will be in your Echo360 library. You can access it by clicking on the library tab, as shown below.



The library shows a thumbnail sketch of all the videos you own on the Echo360 system, plus any that have been shared with you by someone else.

Sharing the Video

Once your video has been uploaded, you can share it.

A great way to share video is to share it in a Canvas page.

The first step in doing that is to find the module to which you want to add your video. Then click the plus sign on the top right to add an item to that module. Next, Canvas will ask what kind of item you want to add. Choose page.



Once you’ve done that, you’ll land at Canvas’s rich content editor. There’s a bar of buttons on top and a blank page for adding content below that. You might want to lay out your text first.




The second step is to embed the video.

Once I had my text on the page, I moved the cursor to the place where I wanted to insert a video.

Now you can check out the bar of buttons on top of the page. You’ll notice a button with a cyan circle and sideways triangle inside – that’s the Echo360 logo.




If you click it, you’ll be presented with your Echo360 library. You can search for and select the video you want.



Then you get to choose among size options.



The result looks like this:

You can also share a video from your Echo360 library itself. To do this, go to your Echo360 library and hover over the thumbnail of the video you want to share. You’ll see a blue box with three dots on the bottom right. This will release a drop down menu, from which you can select share.


The sharing modal consists of 4 sharing options.


For more information on sharing with a link, click here:
To learn how to share with a class, click here:
Echo360 also has the option to share with a group. To learn more about creating a group and sharing a specific set of videos with just that group, click here.
If you have any questions about uploading a video to Echo360 and sharing, please email atc-ttl@wpi.edu.