Reaching Viewers with Echo360

Greetings, WPI Producers!
This post will cover how to get the videos you produce with Echo360 in front of your students.

These videos can be produced in a classroom, at home with Echo360 Universal Capture or through the Echo360-Zoom integration.

Three popular ways to share Echo360 videos with students are:
  • Sharing in a Canvas page
  • Sharing as a Collection through the Echo360 Button on Canvas
  • Sharing as a Publicly Accessible Link


Here’s an example of what an Echo360 video looks like when it’s embedded in a Canvas page. As you can see, embedding in a page is a great way to put video in a context.


Here’s the same page, in edit mode.

Here’s how we get here: first, create a new page in Canvas.¬† This opens up the page editor. The page editor has a rich text tool bar. And this tool bar has an Echo360 “easy embed” button, indicated by the arrow below.



Once you click the Echo360 button, you’re taken to the chooser, which allows you to choose one of your videos to embed.


Once you click insert, the video is embedded in the page.

Click here for more details on how to embed a video in a page and use the viewing analytics!


Echo360 videos that are associated with your course can be displayed, playlist style, through the Echo360 section of your website. The collection looks something like this:

Using this method of sharing, all your videos live in one location. By clicking the green button, students can access options include download original. This helps some students who may need to watch your videos when they are offline. This feature can also be turned off by you.

To learn more about sharing your video as a part of a course-relevant collection, click here.


If you need to share an Echo360 video with non-WPI people or simply want to share a link, you can do so. The first step is to access your Echo360 library. You can do this through Canvas or through

When you find the video you want, hover over the bottom right of the video’s thumbnail. You’ll see a blue square.

If you click on it, you’ll see options, including “Share”.

From the share options, select links. You can add a new link. And then copy it. You can share this link as long as the button for public link is toggled on.

Echo360 link with access switched to public.


If you have any questions about sharing your Echo360 videos, please email