1983 – United States Department of Energy

Photos Courtesy of Fran Weiss – WPI Class of 1985  

1970 – 1979

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1978 – United States Department of Energy

Courtesy of Michael Aghajanian – WPI Class of 1980

1978 – Montgomery County

  “At the end of the term, a group of us planned a formal dinner party in our hotel room. Dinner hosts are shown in the first photo – David Olds, Me (Candace Martin), Ted Kielar, Judy Agostino and Don Quinty. We moved out the two beds and grabbed tables from the other rooms. We had such a fun group! I hope you had as much of a rewarding experience.”                                                         Photos Courtesy..Read More

1978 – Montgomery County

Courtesy of Ali Kabas – Class of 1980

1977 – Technical Information Project Inc.

WPC Students with Senator Brooks on the steps of the Capitol Building (taken in 1977). “By the way, I did meet my wife of 37 years while at the project center and I have lived here in DC since 1981.” Gary Sowyrda ’78 (far left) and William Kelm ’78 (far right)   Photos Courtesy of Dennis Kelly – WPI Class of 1978.

1970 – The WPI Plan Approval

Meeting minutes from when the WPI Plan was passed successfully with 2/3% approval. – Courtesy of Rick Vaz