A Qualitative Study of the Correlation Between Human Factors and Design Hazards in Consumer Products


Kendall Thomas Cotton, Taylor James Landry, Adam Andrew Morehouse


United States Consumer Product Safety Commission


James Hanlan, David DiBiasio


October – December 2013

Project Outcomes

Final Report


This project examined the underlying trends in consumer product defects—specifically, trends pertaining to human factors—for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The team conducted archival research of Product Safety Assessments (PSAs), internal interviews of CPSC staff, and discussions with industry representatives. As a result of the research, the team recommends that the CPSC generate a handbook for both internal and external use. The handbook will inform external users about the importance of integrating human factors into product design. Internally, the handbook will encourage increased awareness of the importance of human factors in product design. The team made additional recommendations to improve the utility of CPSC’s internal databases.