Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have any questions that are not listed here, please contact the Project Center Director who’s contact information can be found in the Contact page.


How does our organization host a project?

If you are interested in hosting a project with the WPC, please contact the Washington, D.C. Project Center Director listed on the Contact page.


What are the deadlines in sponsoring a project?

Typically the Project Center director and sponsors will establish contact during April & May for that Fall.


When will students arrive?

Typically students arrive a few days before the project term begins in mid-October to get acquainted with the city and all settled in. Students usually begin work the first work day of the first week of the term, but they will have arranged a specific start date before arrival with their sponsor.


What kind of deliverables should we expect?

By the end of the seventh week, students will have assembled a final report that will include their findings, their documentation of methods, and recommendations. In the past, deliverables have also included short videos, websites, and databases.


Will the project be complete by the end of the term (seven weeks)?

Projects are completed and submitted to sponsors and advisors by the end of the seven week project term. Project reports and supplementary materials will be submitted to WPI’s eProjects collection, after they are reviewed by both the sponsors and advisors.


What are the academic backgrounds of the students?

Students on a project team come from a variety of majors. As a technical university, WPI students typically study in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math). Having students from diverse academic backgrounds encourages inter-disciplinary teamwork.


Can we ask the students to do other tasks?

We encourage students to network and interact with other professionals within the sponsoring organization, sometimes this might include completing or aiding in side tasks. We only ask that these be kept to a minimum in order not to inhibit the work and progress of the students in completing their project objectives.


What kind of project should we provide?

WPI recommends projects that will not interfere with the mission-critical work of the agency. By nature, projects are an academic exercise and students and faculty require flexibility to explore concepts and solve the problems presented. The best suited projects are those with both a social and a technical component. Specifically encouraged are projects that involve interaction with experts, the community and their team.


What is the ownership of the results of the project?

The project report and all other deliverables are provided to the sponsor at the end of the project term. The sponsor approves the material before it is published to WPI’s eProjects Collection. At this time the sponsor can request that sensitive or confidential information be redacted. It is expected that all these materials can be used by both the sponsoring organization and WPI appropriately as they see fit.


What else do students do while in Washington, D.C.?


Apart from working with their sponsor, students enjoy exploring the different activities and opportunities Washington, D.C. has to offer. Please see our “Things to Do” page for activities our students enjoyed going to.