Projects by Sponsor

Aid to Artisans
Strengthening Artisan Networking Initiative
Developing and Promoting Aid to ArtisansU
Creating an Efficient Marketing Plan for Aid to ArtisansU

City of Alexandria
Building Energy Benchmarking in Northern Virginia

Congressman Jim McGovern
Protection of Environment and Indigenous People through Best Practices of Oil Development
Oil Pollution in Ecuador: A Devised Remediation Approach

Delphos International
Opportunities for WPI In Washington, D.C.

Environmental Protection Agency
Green Technology Commercialization An Analysis of the EPA’s SBIR Program
The Health Effects Of Oil Contamination
Analysis of Green Chemistry and Computational Toxicology
Green Building Water Infrastructure Technologies Analysis at EPA NCER

Legend Sports League
Developing a Marketing Plan for Legends Sports Leagues

Montgomery County
Transit In Montgomery County
Increasing Ridership On Montgomery County Public Transit
Taxi Customer Service Regulation
Bus Analysis In Montgomery County, Maryland

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA’s Web Architecture and Content

National Association of State Fire Marshals
Fire Protection of Historic Streetscapes
Fire Safety In Green Buildings

National Center for Science and Civic Engagement
Comparing Organizational Models for the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement

National Parks Service
Citizen Science in Rock Creek

National Science Foundation
Research on Course-Based Undergraduate Research on Behalf of the NSF
Workflow Management At The National Science Foundation
Workflow At NSF
Evaluation of the Impact of Engineering Education Research Grants Using Software Tools

National Transportation Safety Board
Improving the Quality of Accident Investigation

Oakton High School
The Process of Innovation at Oakton High School

U.S. Coast Guard
Automation of Marine Safety Center Processes
Analyzing the Current Market of Hull Cleaning Robots
Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems: A Maritime Study Disposal of Pyrotechnic Visual Distress Signals
Risk-Based Marine Inspection Performance Measures
Examining USCG ACP Risk-Based Oversight Initiatives
Environmental Compliance: Acquisition, Storage, And Analysis Of Waste Oil Data
Shale Gas Extraction Waste Water Transport By Barge
Emergency Towing
Ship Generated Waste Disposal In The Wider Caribbean Region
Validating Safety On Commercial Fishing Vessels
Standard for Enclosed Canopies on Small Passenger Vessels
Passenger Vessel Weight Measurement

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Infant Sleep Environment Product Safety Analysis
Evaluating the Need for a Consumer Focused Smoke Alarm Performance System
Assessing Concussion Potential in Youth Sports for the CPSC
A Qualitative Study of the Correlation Between Human Factors and Design Hazards in Consumer Products
Dryer Fires: Improving Clothes Dryer Safety
Playground Equipment: Classification And Burn Analysis
Potential Hazards Associated With “Green” Products
Crib Hazard Analysis
Pool Safety And Technology
The Effects of Icing on Commercial Fishing Vessels

U.S. Department of Energy
Risk Management and Insurability Strategies for Power Generation
Validation of the Interagency Screening Tool
Analysis of Domestic and International Desalination to Outline the Decision Making Landscape for Implementation and Operation of Desalination Plants in the United States
Motivations for Wastewater Treatment Plants to Move Towards Zero-Net Energy
The Water-Energy Nexus In The Southeastern United States
Marcellus Shale: Cemeting And Well Casing Violations

U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Improving Adverse Event Report Processing at the FDA
Data Mining Application for Pharmacovigilance
Creation of an Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology Training Knowledge Management System
Protecting Public Health: Unique Identification of Facilities in Adverse Event Reporting

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Improving Guidance Systems for Patent Applicants
Analyzing and Reporting Patent Quality Data
The Patent Quality Cookbook: Identifying Perception Gaps at the USPTO
USPTO Quality Metrics Analysis
An Assessment of the Impact of Pre-Issuance Submissions on the Patent Examination Process
History And Analysis Of Patent-Related Events And Metrics
Measuring Employee Engagement At The USPTO
Advanced Patent Application Analysis
Management Through Digital Collaboration
Reengineering The United States Patent Process
Evaluation of the Peer-to-Patent Pilot Program
Evaluation Of Patent Examination Pilot Programs
The Future of The Patent Hoteling Program at the USPTO

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
History and Impact of the Washington D.C. Project Center