Statewide Stormwater Materials Repository

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Welcome to the project page for the Massachusetts Municipal Stormwater Coalition Stormwater Materials Repository. During our Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) we worked along side the Massachusetts Municipal Stormwater Coalition to help develop a centralized repository for stormwater materials.


Sponsoring this project is the Massachusetts Municipal Stormwater Coalition (MSMSC), with contacts within MassDEP with Andrea Briggs and MSMSC  Education sub-committee head Kerry Reed. Read More about our sponsors here


To recommend a process to create a centralized repository to house stormwater education materials for use by towns of Massachusetts


To accomplish this goal we followed these objectives

  • Objective 1: Identifying Characteristics of ‘Successful’ Repositories
  • Objective 2: Evaluating Existing Repositories
  • Objective 3: Identifying and Evaluating Repository Housing Options
  • Objective 4: Identifying Repository Development Options
  • Objective 5: Completing a Comparative Analysis and Evaluation of Repository Development Options
  • Objective 6:Creating a Front-End Skeleton

Shown is a Flowchart of our Objectives

method flowchart9

Team Members:

  • Luca Cerasani (Civil Engineering)
  • Jon Palczynski (Civil & Mechanical Engineering)
  • Tien Nguyen (Biology & Biotechnology)
  • Daniel Weber (Aerospace Engineering)

Copy of IMG_0346

Daniel Weber, Tien Nguyen, Jon Palczyski, Luca Cerasani