D22 – Assessing Stormwater Pollution Reduction Credits

Overall Project Description:

Pursuant to the MS4 permit, communities must reduce phosphorus from stormwater runoff by a prescribed amount. This process can be challenging. In collaboration with the Charles River Watershed Association, we conducted interviews, site visits and distributed a survey to understand the challenges communities face in assessing phosphorus reduction. Using this data, we developed recommendations to help communities in the Charles River Watershed streamline the process of receiving phosphorus reduction credit for existing structural BMPs.

Project Goal and Objectives:

Student Team and Advisors:

Our team is made up of three juniors from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

  • Wu, Evan
  • Searth, Aaron
  • Sousa, Maeve

Our project is being advised by Corey Dehner.

Project Sponsors:

Charles River Watershed Associations

Expected Project Deliverables:

Our final recommendations took the form of a 6 page information booklet, which highlighted different approaches that can help communities be successful in phosphorus reduction.