D19 – Evaluation of Think Blue Massachusetts’s Social Marketing Campaign

Project Description

Think Blue Massachusetts is a campaign dedicated to educating the public on stormwater. Stormwater pollution is melted snow or rain that carries pollutants into local water bodies. The goals of this project were to evaluate the effectiveness of the Think Blue Massachusetts social media campaign, develop improvement strategies, and create a social marketing guide for further expansion. We researched various social media platforms and analyzed Think Blue Massachusetts’ past website and Facebook effectiveness.  The project resulted in recommendations regarding social media management and metric collection. Content for different platforms was suggested as well as directions for future advertising efforts and how to analyze those efforts. 



Our mission therefore was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Think Blue Massachusetts campaign’s social marketing efforts, develop improvement strategies, and create a social media guide to provide coalitions, towns, and individuals with resources to utilize social media more effectively.



  1. Evaluate Think Blue’s social media campaign.
  2. Expand Think Blue’s social media campaign.
  3. Create a guide for managing social media and monitoring outreach metrics.
  4. Provide recommendations for social media campaign improvements.

Student Team and Advisors

Our team is made up of four undergraduate students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

  • Abdulmalek Alshehri: Mechanical Engineering ’20
  • Reid Bailey: Management Engineering ’20
  • Nicholas Cumello: Environmental Engineering ’20
  • Constantina Gatsonis: Psychological Sciences ’21

Our project was advised by two Co-Advisors:

  • J. Scott Jiusto, Global Studies
  • Glenn R. Gaudette, Biomedical Engineering

Project Sponsors

Our project was directly sponsored by the Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition (CMRSWC) and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).

Sponsors from the MassDEP include:

  • Andrea Briggs​, Deputy Regional Director of MassDEP

Sponsors from the CMRSWC include:

  • Kerry Reed, Senior Stormwater & Environmental Engineer of Framingham Department of Public Works

Project Deliverables: