D22 – Low-Impact Development/Green Infrastructure in Massachusetts Communities

Overall Project Description:

In 2016 the USEPA issued the MS4 permit, requiring Massachusetts’ towns to mitigate stormwater pollution. The MS4 encourages implementation of Green Infrastructure (GI) and Low-Impact Development (LID). We worked with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition to identify barriers to and successes in implementation of GI/LID. We interviewed stormwater officials from five Massachusetts municipalities and toured GI/LID in each community. We identified difficulties with finding land, funding projects, maintaining installations and a lack of data on stormwater mitigation tools. Using our data, we developed actionable guidelines to help municipalities more easily implement GI/LID.

Project Goal and Objectives:

Student Team and Advisors:

Our team is made up of three juniors from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Our project is being advised by Corey Dehner.

Project Sponsors:

Expected Project Deliverables:

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