WPI Offices of Facilities and Sustainability’ Reducing Water Consumption at WPI

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Project Description

The goal of our project is to help the Facilities Office and Office of Sustainability create a more water-sustainable campus and reduce water costs by assessing WPI’s overall domestic water usage in order to recommend means of decreasing the institution’s water consumption.

Project goal and objectives

1. Analyze WPI’s overall water usage data by building and area.

2. Determine the reason why certain WPI areas or buildings have a high water usage.

3. Make recommendations to reduce water usage on campus.

Team and Advisor

Team Members

Curiel, Alan E.
Lenihan, Ellis K.
Pierre, Jean-Philippe A.
Zhong, Shangjin


Paul P Mathisen

Associate Professor and Dir. of Sustainability

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Project Sponsor

WPI’s Facilities Office and Office of Sustainability

Project Deliverables

Recommendations and a plan to reduce WPI’s overall water usage, especially for the following buildings:

  • Project Center
  • Rec Center
  • Boynton Hall
  • Daniel’s Hall
  • Founder’s Hall