D21 – Integrating GIS Data Between Communities and State Agencies

Project Description           Executive Summary           Project Report           Guidance Document & Video

Project Description

As part of stormwater runoff regulation in Massachusetts, municipalities are required to map their stormwater sewer systems.  Unfortunately, stormwater regulation for small MS4s is a federally unfunded mandate that leaves most municipalities scrambling to find the time, resources, and qualified individuals needed to map their infrastructure.  Municipalities currently face the challenge of mapping interconnections between local and state-owned properties such as highways managed by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, that run through their municipalities.  This makes it difficult to determine where stormwater runoff is collecting in certain areas, as well as how that stormwater and stormwater infrastructure is being managed.  Using a case study approach, recommendations have developed to facilitate the collaboration and integration of MS4 geospatial data between CMRSWC communities and the MassDOT.

Project Goal and Objectives

The goal of this project was to facilitate the collaboration of geospatial data between CMRSWC communities and states agencies like the MassDOT to meet the requirements of the MS4 permit.  To achieve this goal, we developed the following objectives:

  • Identify the degree of information included in the municipalities’ and MassDOT’s geospatial data and how it is managed    
  • Identify how geospatial data is shared between organizations
  • Identify what data gaps or constraints exist in the integration of stormwater sewer system geospatial data
  • Develop an approach to address data gaps and to facilitate interorganizational collaboration 

Team Members

Christian Chadwick – Aerospace Engineering ’22

Fernand Gay – Civil Engineering ’22

Zoe Mahoney – Civil Engineering ’22

Project Sponsor

The Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition, originally formed in 2012, is a partnership between 30 Massachusetts towns providing public education and aiding funding of stormwater regulations. Check out their website here.

Project Results/Deliverables

  • Final report with recommendations for CMRSWC municipalities –WROC21 SWMAPS Final Report 05-13-2021
  • Guidance document to assist CMRSWC municipalities in improving their relationship and data integration with the MassDOT in meeting the requirements of the 2016 Massachusetts Small MS4 General Permit.  The guidance document can be access through the following link:  WROC SWMAPS Guidance Document
  • Supplementary video to educate CMRSWC municipalities on the importance of stormwater management and mapping stormwater infrastructure – the link to the video is as follows:  SW Mapping Video: