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Our project worked directly with the Massachusetts Statewide Municipal Stormwater Coalition (MSMSC), commonly referred to as The Statewide Coalition. The Statewide Coalition was established in 2016 and is a statewide collaborative effort to bring together various coalitions and watershed associations across Massachusetts to help municipalities comply with the 2016 MS4 Permit. Participating coalitions are the Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition, the Connecticut River Stormwater Collaborative, the Northern Middlesex Stormwater Collaborative, the Neponset Stormwater Partnership, the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission, and the Southeast Regional Services Collaborative’s Stormwater Group as seen in the figure below.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 12.32.14 PM


Together, these coalitions share their stormwater resources and materials to help each other more effectively manage stormwater in their respective regions. In addition to the coalitions, there are six watershed associations that are also helping out in this collaborative effort. In total, the Statewide Coalition represents 90 different municipalities in Massachusetts that are all affected by the MS4 permit and are working together to manage stormwater in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.