Lecture capture in WPI classrooms

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Lecture capturing is a service offered through the Academic Technology Center at WPI. When you “capture” a lecture, you are recording and/or live streaming your lecture for students to view. Lecture capturing can be done in a WPI classroom or remotely, via software on your own computer.


If you’re in a lecture-capture enabled classroom (list below) you’ll be able to capture whatever is sourced through to the projector screen. Some WPI classrooms have two projectors. If that’s the case for your classroom, please make sure that whatever you want captured by the system is sourced through to the right projector on the podium control panel.

The video component of the capture comes from the ceiling-mounted camera. It’s a non-adjustable wide shot. It features the instructor and the podium and some space on either side.

Can your viewers see what you’ve written on the chalkboard or whiteboard? No. They can not. The shot is too long for that. However, if you feel that your writing is necessary to share with students, you can use the document camera in the room and source that to the projector. Then your writing will be recorded.

Currently, WPI has over 50 locations on campus with the capability to record lectures.

Here is a list of classrooms:

WPI Main Campus
Alden Hall, room B30
Atwater Kent, room 116
Atwater Kent, room 219
Atwater Kent, room 232
Atwater Kent, room 233
Foisie, room 105
Foisie, room 203
Foisie, room 205
Fuller Labs, room 222
Fuller Labs, room 311
Fuller Labs, Lower Perrault
Fuller Labs, Upper Perrault
Fuller Labs, room 320
Goddard Hall, room 012
Goddard Hall, room 227
Higgins Labs, room 031
Higgins Labs, room 114
Higgins Labs, room 116
Higgins Labs, room 154
Higgins Labs, room 202
Higgins Labs, room 218
Higgins Labs, room 230
Kaven Hall, room 116
Kaven Hall, room 202
Kaven Hall, room 203
Kaven Hall, room 204
Kaven Hall, room 207
Olin Hall, room 107
Olin Hall, room 109
Olin Hall, room 126
Olin Hall, room 218
Olin Hall, room 223
Salisbury Labs, room 011
Salisbury Labs, room 104
Salisbury Labs, room 105
Salisbury Labs, room 115
Salisbury Labs, room 123
Salisbury Labs, room 305
Salisbury Labs, room 402
Salisbury Labs, room 406
Salisbury Labs, room 407
Salisbury Labs, room 411
Stratton Hall, room 106
Stratton Hall, room 202
Stratton Hall, room 203
Stratton Hall, room 304
Stratton Hall, room 306
Stratton Hall, room 308
Stratton Hall, room 309
Washburn Shops, room 229
Washburn Shops, room 323

Gateway Park
50 Prescott St. (Gateway II): room 1226
60 Prescott St. (Gateway I): room 1002
60 Prescott St. (Gateway I): room 2233
60 Prescott St. (Gateway I): room 3101
60 Prescott St. (Gateway I): room 4101
60 Prescott St. (Gateway I): room 4104

Like most classrooms on campus, the rooms listed above have their own computers. However, it is possible to use your own laptop if that is more comfortable for you. All classrooms have an HDMI cable that can be connected to your laptop. To record your laptop’s display, make sure to select HDMI as input to the projector. This way your laptop will project into the room and be captured to the recording for students to watch later.

The first step towards capturing your lectures is to make sure that your course is meeting in one of the rooms listed above.

Then, the next step is to fill out the form located below. This form collects information that enables us to determine what kind of microphone you will need for the classroom and also set you up with access to the Echo360 system. If you plan on being a repeated capturer of lectures, you might want to bookmark it:


Whether you are recording from a classroom or from the privacy of your office or home, you still need to fill out the form above. Once the Academic Technology Center receives your information, we will talk to you about next steps. For more information about recording a lecture from home, check out our post here.

If you have any questions about getting started with lecture capturing at WPI, please let us know by emailing atc-ttl@wpi.edu.

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