Editing Your Thumbnail with Echo360

Small image of video embedded in page with play button.
Video thumbnail

Like a manicure, a good thumbnail will do wonders for your video’s appearance.

What is a thumbnail?

A thumbnail is small image hyperlinked to the playback of your video. It should communicate the gist of your video.

But sometimes it doesn’t. This blog post will show you how to remedy that situation in Echo360.

First find the video with the unsuitable thumbnail in your Echo360 library.

Once you’ve found the video, you need to access the Echo360 cloud media editor by choosing Edit Media.


Click Edit Media.


In the Echo360 media editor, scrub along the video track until you find the frame that has the image you want to set as your new thumbnail.

Click the three horizontal lines in the middle of the playhead to release a “timeline options” menu.

Select “Set Thumbnail”.

Set Thumbnail in the Timeline Options
Select set thumbnail in the timeline options menu.


There are two video options, since Echo360 is capable of recording both the screen as well as webcam. Select the video option that has the image you want, then click “Set Thumbnail”.


Select video option for Thumbnail



There is no save button to click after you’ve set the thumbnail. The change will be reflected in your Echo360 library as well as any placements in Canvas.

To watch a demo of this process, click the play button below.



If you have any questions about changing the thumbnail of your video in Echo360, email atc-ttl@wpi.edu.