Insert Editing with Echo360

Did you know that you can now insert clips into an existing Echo360 video?

To do this, you need to have both the clip you want to insert as well as the one that is going to get added to in your Echo360 library.

With that as your starting point, you can chose to edit the media for any of your Echo360 videos. When you find the video that needs editing, click the blue box that appears on the right side when you hover over the thumbnail. Chose Edit Media.


Before you enter the editing interface you will get a warning.

Choose to continue – the reason we aren’t concerned about the warning is that we’re not going to be writing over anything. We will be saving as a new version.

Once in the editing window, you can see the trim handles on the end and the playhead with it’s blue top.



Position the playhead just before the chunk of footage where you want to insert the video and from the hamburger menu, chose to split the clip.




Now you can insert a new clip. When you click insert clip, the Echo360 chooser opens. You’ll see all the videos in your Echo360 library. Chose the one you want. Then click next.

Once your clip has been inserted, click Save As. This creates a new version, which is then sent to the Echo360 processing engine. It takes a while to process, because it’s processing a whole new video. But your patience has rewards – you won’t write over the original. This kind of “non-destructive” editing is always a good practice!


To see insert editing in action, check out the video below.


If you have any questions about insert editing with Echo360, please email