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It is always important to keep in contact with your networks. A good way to so this is through social networking sites such as Linked In. When you are applying for jobs or looking for jobs you can talk to them about people who they may be able to put you in contact with. This […]

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Get on LinkedIn!

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It’s the last week of C-Term! Spring break can be very busy but if you have any free time consider setting up a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn makes it easy to set up a professional online profile that you can use to connect with others. If you recently had your resume critiqued for the Job Fair, […]

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Keeping things up to date

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I was really impressed with the number of employers at the career fair. Remember there are over 170 employers, too many to fit in one building, therefore your chances for getting this year job are the best they have even been! Remember to keep in contact with employers so they remember you as there were […]

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Alumni Networking at the Career Fair

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The amount of alumni who were at the Career Fair was very uplifting! Many were only a year or two out of college, and back to recruit their future coworkers. Using your network of graduated students that you may know is the best way to network. This is especially helpful if they are in your […]

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First Job Fair

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The Job Fair last week was my first one. There were many opportunities for mechanical engineers and it was great to contact some companies and hand out a few résumés. This is my freshman year and many companies were looking for students with more experience, but it’s great to get started going to career fairs […]

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Another career fair completed!

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As always, the career fair was packed! I was able to speak with several different companies that I am very interested in. After speaking with the representatives, be sure to follow up with a thank you note and apply to any jobs that they encouraged you to consider. Although it can be discouraging if there […]

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Ready for the Career Fair?

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I have already accepted an internship for this summer so I will not be actively participating in the job search, but I will be working at it. If you don’t have a job yet, I highly encourage you to go. Even as a freshman, just to check it out and perhaps get some freebies. This […]

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The career fair is tomorrow?

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Hello again! Thinking about all the work that needs to get done before a career fair can be a little daunting. At first glance I didn’t see many companies that I would be interested in talking to, but as I looked over the list I actually found many promising possibilities. With over 170 companies to […]

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Career Fair Preparation

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Wednesday night I attended the Career Fair Preparation with Avery Dennison. There were a lot of people there – the event more than filled HL116. The presenter from Avery Dennison, a graduate of WPI, gave many helpful tips and recommendations on everything from what to wear to how to approach a company booth. It was […]

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Job Fair is Next Week!

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Luckily I have a summer internship already so I’m not looking for a job at this upcoming Job Fair. Instead of preparing myself I am helping my friends prepare! Many of them keep asking if they should send in their resume to the CDC via email or come in for a walk in. I have […]

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