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Job Search Advice for Life Science Students

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To all of my friends that attended the Life Sciences Career Fair last week, I hope you’re successful in your internship search! Don’t forget to follow up by sending a thank you letter. This simple task will make you look more professional. If you didn’t attend, make sure to go next year! Also for life […]

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The Pros of Project Work

Filed in From the Staff by on March 28, 2012

One of the many great things about WPI is the experience gained through project work. Through the two qualifying projects and other group based class work, students are well prepared to answer questions about their past experiences. This is especially important for job interviews becuase many companies are interested in seeing how you interact with […]

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The Life Sciences Fair

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The last career fair of the year has passed. I found it interesting that Life Sciences and Bioengineering Companies recruit later than most; that is why we have a separate career fair for them. I hope if you’re under that category you went as I encouraged all my bio friends to attend the fair. But […]

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Life Science Career Fair!

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The life science career fair took place yesterday in the Odeum. There were nearly thirty companies in attendence and many students participated in the event. Career fairs are a great way to learn about new companies and hear about the positions offered. It also lets you talk to employees to get a feel for the […]

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Internship Search

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Hello WPI! I hope everyone is enjoying the weather! I’m sure everyone is thinking about summer and what they will do after D-Term ends. Think about an internship! I’m not currently searching for an internship as I have some projects lined up for the summer but I’m still keeping my resume up to date. It’s […]

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Returning to Work

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I am quite excited about returning to my pervious internship this summer. The section of the company I work for is fairly new and smaller which grants me more responsibility within the company. My tasks are bigger and contributions therefore larger to final project, allowing me to have my own design projects and challenge myself […]

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The first week of the last term of the year is already over. By the end of the year I’ll have finished a more defined schedule for the next three years. If you haven’t started your summer job search, get going! Don’t forget the services the CDC offers to help you out, including JobFinder and […]

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It’s not too late!

Filed in From the Staff by on March 15, 2012

I hope everyone had a great break! Those of you that do not yet have plans for employment this summer still have time. While there are many students that have a plan, companies are still posting new positions on Job Finder and their respective company websites. Not sure which companies are involved with medical devices, […]

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Hope your spring break was fun and relaxing, maybe you even applied to some jobs. I must confess that I wasn’t as productive as I hoped to be and enjoyed the work free week. We’re in our last term of the year and if you still haven’t gotten a summer job yet, don’t give up […]

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What are you doing with your break?

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While I am glad to have completed my final C term at WPI and am looking forward to the break, I can’t say that it will be very relaxing. I will be spending the next week preparing for an interview and looking for more job opportunities. While having an interview is great, I still need […]

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