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Is that pricey certification worth it?

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Happy Midterms Week! Today I made the decision to enroll in the Lean Green Belt Certification course that is being offered in late January. It was a tough choice to make because of the upfront cost and timing, as I originally had something fun on that weekend, but ultimately I decided it was worth it. […]

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LinkedIn and Your Job Search

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After getting a LinkedIn account a few days ago, I’ve begun exploring the site and what the site can be used for. LinkedIn tells you how complete your profile is. Your profile will become more complete as you add information about yourself such as present position, past positions, work experience, and interests. Yesterday I attended […]

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About My Interview

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As I said in my last post, I did all the right research on the company and made sure I was prepared for my interview day of. I went to the CDC 10 minutes before my interview was supposed to start, because it is better to wait than to be late. Soon enough it was […]

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I’m on LinkedIn!

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Yesterday I joined LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media website for professional connections. People can introduce connections to each other, providing the opportunity for one to network with more people through someone they already know. I am not experienced with the site but next week is LinkedIn Week at the CDC! On Wednesday there is […]

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My first experience with on campus recruiting!

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Have you ever seen students wearing suits around campus, and they seem to look out of place? They probably have an on campus interview at the CDC! Like I said in one of my previous posts, as part of on campus recruiting not only is the CDC bringing companies to Career Fairs or workshops, they […]

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Finding the right major is tough work, but it just got easier!

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Hello! By the time sophomore year came, I still hadn’t found the right major. I unfortunately did not know about all of the services offered by the CDC, so I set out to solve the problem on my own. I spoke with several upperclassmen about their majors, what type of classes they took, and the […]

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Major & Career Internet Resources

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So I’ve been doing some research about majors trying to make a decision between ME and RBE. There is a lot of information out there and it can sometimes be difficult to know where to look. The CDC has a page on its website that has a link to some internet resources to gain information on […]

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A few weeks ago after watching the STAR Mentor Podcast on Job Finder I joined the STAR Mentor Program. After hearing a great review from one of my friends I was excited to begin the process and to have a mentor. When I initially looked at the Mentor options I was not able to find […]

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Does your major align with your interests?

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Hello! Back in A term I completed the Strong Interest Inventory test that can be taken by appointment at the CDC. It’s a simple multiple-choice test that asks you various questions and evaluated the types of things you enjoy and the careers that may be a good fit for you. My results came in and […]

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