One Last Time…

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Now that my paper-electronic-CDR is signed and there is only one PowerPoint between me and the end of the year, I guess that senior year really is coming to an end. While I’m not yet sure what comes next, I know that the people I met and the experiences I had at WPI have set me up to succeed.

My parting words of wisdom: make your career development a habit. It may be something you have to spend time learning how to do, but building and practicing good career habits will benefit you in ways you cannot imagine in this exact moment. I am also a huge proponent of learning by doing; you can know all you want about good professional practice, but if you’re not practicing what you preach, your knowledge will not be as helpful to you as it could be.

Now, one last time…

Take a deep breath; what ever “it” is, you can handle it!


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I am pursuing a degree in Biochemistry at WPI with minors in Biology and Business. I am a Peer Advisor for the Career Development Center and am passionate about helping my fellow students be successful in their careers and in life!

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  1. Van Harting says:

    Thanks Lauren, I was worried that this blog would be borin’ and have me snorin’, but instead my spirits are soarin’ after reading something so rip roarin’. Best of luck explorin’ the foreign land of adulthood!