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For me…my search for finding a job of interest at the Biotechnology and Bioengineering Career Fair was unsuccessful. Just as I had anticipated, every representative that I spoke with was looking for hiring students to do lab work. As I have mentioned previously, the more I work on my MQP, the more I am certain that I […]

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The wonders of LinkedIn.

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Sometime last week I said that I had been using other resources in my job search like LinkedIn and I’m finding that LinkedIn is a really helpful site to use. Each person creates a profile that includes: Your picture Where you work Your past jobs Where you went to school What clubs and activities […]

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Final Round Interview

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So I did it! I’m done with my final round interview! It’s such a relieving feeling. Everything went much more smoothly than I was expecting. 🙂 I was one of four candidates. Our day started with a briefing from one of the employees in HR about what to expect for the day. Then, they placed each of […]

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Resume? List of companies? Formal attire?…

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…Check, check and CHECK!  Incase you haven’t already guessed this is me mentally checking off everything I need for tomorrow’s Biotechnology and Bioengineering Career Fair.  Although I mentioned that I’m not exactly interested in working in a lab setting, it definitely does not hurt to see what is out there. So, wish me luck in […]

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Interviews and Job Searching.

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I have absolutely no idea what the status of my job search is. On one hand, I feel behind. I feel like although I’ve applied to some jobs, I still need to apply for A LOT more. As I look at the spreadsheet I made of all of the positions and companies I’ve applied to, I […]

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Unsure about my future.

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As of right now I still don’t know what I will be doing after I graduate. What I really want to do is attend the graduate program in Drexel, but the I won’t know whether I am accepted till after I graduate. I don’t really want to start working full time, especially a job that […]

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Finals week…and time to search for jobs?

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I sent out all of my thank you emails to the employees from the company I interviewed with. I got one response and it sounds promising for a second interview. 🙂 But I haven’t heard anything for sure, so I can’t make any assumptions at this point. Usually finals week is absolutely ridiculous at WPI, […]

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