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My first full time interview :)

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So I did it. I had my first full time interview. It was a little bit nerve wracking but overall I think it went well. The first part of the interview was actually an assessment test. The first half of that consisted of math problems which weren’t difficult at all, and the second half consisted […]

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How was the Career Fair?

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Really… how was the Career Fair?  I didn’t go… I came down with the flu the day before, and ended up missing out on it. It’s a good thing that the contact information of the employers is online. I am planning on emailing my resume to them regardless of the fact that I didn’t get […]

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Career Fair and Interviewing

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Overall I was fairly happy with how the Career Fair went. I got to talk to a few companies I was really interested in. My only complaint: the long lines! I definitely waited in one line at least 12 people deep to talk to one company. However, the conversation was definitely worth it. 🙂 Now […]

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Connections after graduation

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Since graduation is only about 10 weeks away I am constantly reminded of how little time the seniors have left at this school. It’s exciting, but at the same time a bit frightening. Life after graduation could be drastically different. The people who have become your family in the past four years you may not […]

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Think you have the perfect resume? You can still make it better.

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I’ve had my resume critiqued a number of times so I thought it was in pretty good shape. However, with the Summer Internship & Job Fair coming up this Thursday, I decided to take advantage of the employer resume critiques happening on campus. I figured another set of eyes looking at something couldn’t hurt and […]

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Updated Resume

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Hey everyone, The Career Fair is this Thursday, so this weekend I took the time to update my resume. The only major edit I had to do on my resume was to add a little blurb about my MQP project. However, that little blurb took a LOT of time. What was the reason? Well the […]

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Career Fair is only a week away!

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The 2011 Summer Internship and Job Fair is coming up on the 17th. Since it’s on an academic advising day there’s plenty of time to go and meet possible future employers. As of today, there are a 122 companies coming to the fair, but I bet by the end of the week the number will […]

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Career Fair Prep

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So considering I’m a senior and it’s February and I don’t have a job yet, I’m already using Job Finder to help me to prepare for the Career Fair (on the 17th!). Job Finder has a list of all of the companies coming to the Career Fair with descriptions about them, links to their website, […]

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So do I really want to be an engineer anways?

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So as I’m digging through job postings a pretty substancial question has come up: “Do I even want to be an engineer?”. Yeah, there are a lot of really cool engineering jobs, but there also seems to be a lot of other interesting job posting in terms of engineering sales, or buisness, or leadership type […]

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