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Happy April 2nd!

Recently, one of our favorite people at the CDC made a change in her own career journey, stepping into the role of Director of WPI’s Academic Resource Center! While Maggie Becker will be dearly missed, we wanted to take a moment on this special day to thank her for her 10 years at the CDC. Here are some of our favorite phrases and pieces of advice to come from Maggie herself:

“Be prepared and take good notes.”

This may not be a direct quote, but it is definitely something she taught us through action and setting expectations. This skill is so beneficial not only in any job search, but also during internships and as you embark on full-time jobs.

“Don’t be passive about your accomplishments – OWN IT!”

While this was said as a general statement referring to cover letters, I feel that Maggie has helped teach me how to see the full scope of my accomplishments, and use them as a marketing tool. She’s helped me see my own potential and be proud of myself.

“Take every action to maximize your job search.”

Don’t let requirements like class year or major dissuade you. Form and utilize networking connections to open up avenues. Be consistent and persistent in applying for positions.

“Treat your job search like a full-time class”

In the midst of classes and projects, it is important for students to structure and plan their schedule to set away some time for job search. Maggie has often advised to treat job search like a full time class, giving yourself homework everyday to search for more opportunities. This way you are advancing everyday towards your end goal and making sure that applying for more opportunities

“It’s okay to take a break”

Keep dishing out that great advice, and good luck Maggie!

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  1. Lauren Farris says:

    Maggie is a rockstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!