Size Matters! Small company or big company

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So it’s that time of the year when looking for a summer internships top the list of my priorities. After working as a co-op in a mid sized company last year, I am now confused whether to seek out a small company or a big company. Both have their pros and cons.

I really enjoyed working for a relatively small company. Even as a co-op, I was entrusted with a lot of responsibility. I worked in a 3 member team responsible for quality assurance of a $15 million product. That meant a lot of work and a lot of pressure. But getting work done was easier. I could approach people across the table very comfortably and get instant feedback on projects. I could also come up with my own project ideas and get them critiqued in a giffy. The most frequent form of paperwork that I completed were weekly timesheets.

Big companies provide a wider opportunity for networking and a bigger exposure. Some big companies offer great global experience. But they are also prone to stagnation. Projects take longer to get approved, you work in a confined framework and the paperwork is considerable.

I like having certain amount of control over my work and space for creativity. Small companies are ideal for this. But I also like to have global exposure and big companies provide that. Hopefully I’ll come across something that’s the right balance!

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