Career Fair is only a week away!

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The 2011 Summer Internship and Job Fair is coming up on the 17th. Since it’s on an academic advising day there’s plenty of time to go and meet possible future employers. As of today, there are a 122 companies coming to the fair, but I bet by the end of the week the number will increase.

As you all know, I am a Biology major. We  Bio majors (along with other science majors) have a seperate job fair for us in March. This is because usually science companies do not start hiring till around March/April. The two job fairs before the Bio Fair usually do not have many companies looking for students majoring in Biology. Regardless of this, I was curious to see if there are any companies coming that might be interested in hiring Biology majors. Not to my surprise there are 5 coming (as of today). This is great! I encourage every Bio student here to take advantage of these companies that are coming because they won’t be here again in March. Also, this gives you more options  for an internship/full time job.

This is also good information to know because now I can go to the fair prepared to meet the representatives of these companies. Also, since I know which companies are hiring in my major I can go directly to them at the Fair, instead of browsing around through an entire auditorium!

So if you have a Job Finder account (I hope you all do), make use of it.

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I am a senior majoring in Biology and Biotechnology with a Pre-Health Concentration. I am a Peer Advisor at the CDC. Senior Board Chair. I am also involved in Mu Sigma Delta and Active minds. I am a people person and love to talk,share, and help as much as I can.

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