MQP and Resume

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As of right now MQP is consuming my entire life. Project presentation day is tomorrow and I still don’t have any results from my experiments to present. Don’t get me wrong, its not like I haven’t been doing work, its just the worms refuse to cooperate. I’m not too worried about tomorrow though. What I am concerned about is the report. It’s due ONE week from tomorrow. See, having no results for the presentation I can deal with because I can completely wing it. I can explain why I don’t have results yet and what I expect the results to be. For the report though? I don’t think “winging it” is going to fly. So hopefully, something happens between now and beginning of next week so that I can turn in a complete report.

I should really be focusing on spiffing up my resume and applying to jobs right now, but where’s the time when you have MQP to complete? I applied to a clinical research opportunity at UMass recently, but I haven’t heard back yet 🙁 The doctor had seemed really interested in me and had asked me to send my resume, but after that there has been no further communication. Now, I have come upon another possible job opportunity which I am really interested in, but before I apply I need to fix my resume a bit. Will I find time to do that? I’m going to have to, even if it means sacrificing sleep.

Only 1 and a half more week to go. Just have to give a final push and all of this will be over!

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