Career Fair Successes!

Filed in From the Staff by on September 29, 2011

I hope everyone had a successful Career Fair. I think my experience was far better this year than it has been in years past! I owe it all to the career development center! I felt confident about my resume after getting it critiqued twice before the fair; I also attended the interviewing panel that the CDC held before the career fair. The panel gave a lot of insight of what they are looking for from a prospective employee; I used the knowledge I gained when I was talking to prospective employers at the fair.

Now, just like I’m sure some of you, I am anxiously waiting for a request for an interview. I have emailed all the companies I talked to thank them, as well as send them an electronic copy of my resume. This is one thing I got from the Panel, they all said they liked when they herd back from someone they had talked to.

Also, I am keeping a close eye to jobfinder to watch for new postings!

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