Undecided About Your Major?

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Almost one week of B-term is over! My first term at WPI ended well and It was nice to come back after break and start fresh with new classes. This term I’m taking RBE1001. I had debated majoring in ME or RBE but was strongly considering ME when I started A-term. Now I’m not so sure. Taking RBE this term will give me a better understanding of the robotics program and if it’s right for me.

After taking the class, I still might not be able to reach a decision. I’m not alone though. Many students are not quite sure which major is right for them. Luckily the CDC has many services to help one make a decision. These services include documentation in the CDC about each major and a course in B and C terms called Discovering Majors and Careers. I’ll keep you updated on my decision!

Anyone else unsure about which major is right for them should visit this link:


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