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A few weeks ago after watching the STAR Mentor Podcast on Job Finder I joined the STAR Mentor Program. After hearing a great review from one of my friends I was excited to begin the process and to have a mentor. When I initially looked at the Mentor options I was not able to find one that I thought I would fit well with. Then earlier this week when I went and looked at the list I found a Mentor that I think is perfect for me!
After finding the perfect mentor, I wanted to be able to impress them so they would accept me as their mentee. I went back and watched the Podcast again to remember what they told me to say when introducing myself. After looking at the example I initiated contact.
I will let you know how my STAR mentor experience goes! If you are having any of the same troubles as I did, finding a mentor, or initiating contact always feel free to make an appointment with someone at the CDC for help! From now until 11/11/11 the CDC is helping you match up with a mentor as part of their STAR Mentor Matching Program, so come make an appointment!

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