Is that pricey certification worth it?

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Happy Midterms Week!

Today I made the decision to enroll in the Lean Green Belt Certification course that is being offered in late January. It was a tough choice to make because of the upfront cost and timing, as I originally had something fun on that weekend, but ultimately I decided it was worth it. Lean and Six Sigma Certifications are something that goes hand in hand with my major, but it could also apply to most of yours! Being lean is about eliminating waste in the works place and reducing cost, and what company wouldn’t want that? I made the decision for a few reasons including; the cost is cheaper now as a student than it ever will be after I graduate, it looks great on a resume, and I’ll feel that much more confident in my skills for after graduation. If certifications are offered and could benefit you in any way, be sure to give them some consideration before deciding that you don’t want to spend the money. Sometimes it really is worth it.

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Hello everyone! My name is Ally Bernard and I am from Spencer, Ma. I am a senior Management Engineering major with an Operations Management concentration. In addition to being a Peer Advisor at the CDC, I am involved in my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the Student Alumni Society, and the 2012 Class Board. I’ll be sharing my jobs search with you with year, including the many things you need to do in preparation.

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