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It’s the end of the week after Thanksgiving break and there’s only a few weeks left in the term! It’s a very busy time and many are just focusing on the two weeks ahead. However, the upcoming time off is an opportunity to think about the spring. I plan to get involved in the STAR Mentor program.

STAR is an acronym for Students Talking with Alumni Resources. It is a program that connects a student with a person working in an industry of interest to the student. Through the program a student develops a relationship with a person who serves as a mentor. The student can ask this person questions about his or her work and get advice for getting through school and moving into the workforce.

With the program, students gain insight and a professional contact. The earlier I become involved in the program the better. I will create a connection sooner and have another person to go to when I have questions about my field of study.

Definitely check out the program. You might might find someone who can really be of help to you.

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