Grad school, is it right for you?

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I was recently asked about my plans after graduation and while I do not know the specifics, I know that my immediate plans do not include grad school. This is for several reasons including wanting to get more experience, not knowing what to go for, and to be perfectly honest I want a nice paycheck. If anything, I would be most interested in pursuing an MBA and that type of degree is best for those that have more experience and will have a better understanding of how the concepts learned can be best utilized in the workplace. With all of that being said, I know that it will be tough to go back to school once I get out in the world and leave my role as a student. For some of you, this challenge means you are going to stick it out for another two years, but I’m going to take my chances and choose to believe that I will once again take after this May.

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Hello everyone! My name is Ally Bernard and I am from Spencer, Ma. I am a senior Management Engineering major with an Operations Management concentration. In addition to being a Peer Advisor at the CDC, I am involved in my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, the Institute of Industrial Engineers, the Student Alumni Society, and the 2012 Class Board. I’ll be sharing my jobs search with you with year, including the many things you need to do in preparation.

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