Why Do You Go to School?

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I feel like the answer to this question is pretty obvious but I don’t know how many people actually agree with me…

My answer is pretty simple: I go to school to get a degree to get a job.

I imagine that is everyone’s answer but yet everyone’s actions contradict that… Isn’t that weird? You’re prob like, Sam what are you talking about it. But seriously you know exactly what I am talking about. I feel like a large chunk of students completely ignore the whole idea of getting a job. Like how many people actually went to the career fair or even logged on to job finder? I just don’t get it. I mean, I can understand people being scared of the job world, people being lazy, or just unaware but only to some extent.

Check this out:

Being scared makes a lot of sense. People could be afraid for so many different reasons like past experiences with searching for jobs, bad grades or who knows what else. The past experiences could be really damaging but not doing anything at all really doesn’t help… For the classes, I can connect pretty well. Some of these classes are super tough; I can only imagine how tough the job that applies these classes could be. The only way to really find out is to gain some industry experience. After doing an internship, hopefully you gain some confidence in yourself or at least learn what you don’t like.

Being lazy… c’mon, you’re only hurting yourself.

Being unaware I don’t really have the cookie cutter answer… To be honest none of these problems really have a cookie cutter answer. As for general awareness, CDC shoots emails out constantly, table sits and puts up papers everywhere but reading is tough, so maybe those means of advertising are not too effective. Then there is word of mouth which is my favorite form of advertising. I think there might be one flaw with word of mouth: the wrong information gets shared. I feel like students who are not too aware of things are the ones who end up speaking to other students and then ruining or discouraging their efforts… crazy right? Yeah, I am not really sure what to do other than sit here confused…

The confusion really builds when I see so many students pound out hours on their studies but won’t bother to put in 10 minutes to update their resumes… I am like why work so hard, if you’re not going to make it worth something? So yeah, “why do you go to school?” just became a more awkward question.

…That is what has been on my mind for a while. For the longest time everrrrrrr, I thought that the whole point of going to a great school with incredibly awesome resources was to take advantage of the resources. Sometimes though, I feel like I am the only one using the resources.  Anyway, if your answer to why you go to school is the same as mine try and shine some light on your amigos and let them know about a super cool place that helps you find a job: The Career Development Center. If your answer is different, please share it.

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