The Major Maze: Why I Should Have Taken DMC

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Major decisions are tough.  And more often than not, people find out through tiring experiences where they want to be, instead of planned action.

Well, I was one of those people!  Those STUDENTS, specifically.  Actuarial to industrial to information systems and now to engineering management.

I didn’t come into WPI knowing my major for sure; all I knew was that I loved science, math, working with people in organizations, and project-oriented tasks.  That wonderful array of broad interests narrows down my major to…well, WPI.

Point of clarity:  this was not fun!  In retrospect it was hilarious, as Stumble the Clown, yours truly, plugged up course credits instead of taking Discovering Majors and Careers through the CDC as a freshman.

Choosing my major was a much more difficult decision than what it could have been.  Discovering Majors and Careers is open for all students to understand their interests, work personalities, and future paths that they may not have been tuned into.

That aside, you can take the Strong Interest Inventory test in the Career Development Center for gaining a standardized test format to this concern.  This Inventory test takes into account information from your hobbies to what jobs you could love or hate, then compiles a results file based on these answers.

Ask a CDC counselor about your best approach to finding your major and career interests!  It will help tenfold in the long run, and regardless of your class year, it will help clarify your understanding of where you’d like to lead your skills.

THAT or email me at for further questions or advice!  As a Peer Advisor I love helping others with their career and job inquiries.

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Hey there! My name's Adam and I'm currently a senior at WPI majoring in Management Engineering, focus in Operations Management. On campus I'm involved in Greek Life, Undergraduate Admissions, and campus programming. My blog topics will be focused primarily on staying focused and realistic when it comes to career building, as well as personal improvements and confidence builders in knowing yourself and your skill set. If you have any suggestions for topics or improvements along the way, feel free to let me know at any point! Keep searching, Adam

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