What are your plans for the Fall Break?

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We’re almost there! 1 more day of finals and then it’s fall break! Since the school started most of us have probably been going with the flow and just attending classes, getting homework done, taking exams and of course spending time with friends. We know at the back of our mind that it’s time to look for jobs especially for seniors, but haven’t put aside enough time to do an extensive research or preparation for interviews.

We’ve been working hard all term for academics, the only thing we want to do over the break is sit on our bed for long hours with a blanket and watch TV shows or just hang out with friends without worrying about anything else. Of course break is a perfect time period to do all the relaxing activities, but it can also turn into a great opportunity to pick back up on the job search game.

Think about it this way: If you spend one hour each day to apply for companies you would have applied to 7 jobs by the end of the break! That’s a high enough number to provide you with interview opportunities to hopefully lead into an internship or a full-time position. There are many things you can get done in an hour: having a relaxed Sunday breakfast, watching one fourth of a football game on TV… There are also other things you can do which would benefit you significantly once B-term starts. Spending an hour to modify your resume, looking through available positions on JobFinder, researching on a company you’re planning to apply for, writing a cover letter…

Perception of time is usually relative to our mood or surroundings. When we really enjoy doing something or spending time at a particular location usually time flies; but if we’re struggling, bored or stressed, every second feels like an hour. We all know by the time we are studying in college that, it is not very likely to achieve something great without putting effort into it.

Putting effort into something doesn’t always mean spending hours on it. Think about the Olympic rowers: They put in so much effort during a race that they almost lose their sense of hearing, but they complete a 2000 meter sprint in about 5 minutes! Even putting clothes on sometimes take more than 5 minutes! It’s all about how efficient and hard-working you want to be. You can achieve great things in terms of job search this break if you just set your mind to it 😉 Have a great fall break!


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