How to make use of a Company Info Session?

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Hello everyone!

I recently realized that giving some tips on how to best utilize the company info sessions would be helpful. First of all, most companies have interviews on campus the day after the company info session and they usually leave a couple extra spots for people to sign-up during the sessions. So it would be a good idea to bring your resume with you to these sessions and sign-up for an interview for the next day. The way to get the interview depends on the company: They might ask you a few questions and check your resume before they let you sign up or you might be able to sign up just by being there.

The first thing you should pay attention is the attire. DO NOT attend a company info session with jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. You’re leaving an impression on people and this is your chance to show them how much you care about the company and how much you would like to work there. Read the description for the event carefully, if not specified business casual would be fine, but you can always dress a little bit more on the formal side to be safe.

The second thing, try not to leave right after the presentation is over. Go over to the recruiter and introduce yourself. Mention your class year, your major, why you’re interested in the company. Mention how you would qualify for the positions they mentioned during the info session. If you don’t want to go under the stress of trying to match your qualities and the job requirements on your mind and come up with meaningful statements on the spot, try to learn about the positions they offer before the company info session takes place. You can receive this information from CDC.

In addition, do your homework on the company. Go onto their website and search on their products, services and their values. The things the company values will be the things they want to see in the candidates. If you can reflect that you know about the company, can fulfill the job requirements and own the values they are looking for, you’ll impress the recruiter right away. Then the next day when you enter the interview room, they’ll already recognize you before you start talking. These are usually the best interviews, because you already left a great first impression on the person who is going to hire you!

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