What Most People Don’t Do AFTER The Career Fair

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The Career Fairs are a great way to make first introductions; the key is in where you go from there.

You went to the Career Fair, got some great contact information, and feel pretty confident handing out those resumes.  That’s awesome, good for you!

What’s your next step?

The biggest mistake that WPI students make in their internship or full-time job searches: they fail to recognize that job offers don’t pass the Career Fair tables – they happen after a series of follow-up messages, applications, and interactions that separate a select few candidates from the pack.

Don’t worry, though!  YOU CAN BE ONE OF THOSE SELECT FEW.  I promise!  The trick lies in taking all of the contact information, employers, and opportunities you’re interested in for the upcoming employment season, and truly adhere to the following career moves:

A solid follow-up message demonstrates to employers that you're truly interested!

  • Make sure you spread out the applications, contacting, and researching of companies.  The only reason it’s overwhelming is because Career Fairs, just like job searches, seem overwhelming and rushed to the majority of applicants.  Space it out and reduce the stress involved!
  • Recall a few points from the conversations with employers at the Career Fair that will help them remember you, and encourage connections via email, phone, and LinkedIn at their convenience.  Most students do not follow up; separate yourself from the pack!
  • Consider writing cover letters after you apply to opportunities, as well as thank you notes to employers that helped you at the Career Fair or a company event.  Distinguishing yourself means making an impression during AND after the events!

putting together 2-3 online applications per week following the Career Fair is generally a good rule of thumb.


The more time, care, and effort you can budget into your weekly routine for finding a summer or full-time position, the better off you’ll be.  The hardest part is in sticking to it confidently.  Recognize where you need to step it up in certain areas, and don’t be afraid to take chances in the outreach – it’s how every employment opportunity starts!

Stay positive about it and remember, if you have any questions about how to find or follow up on opportunities, don’t hesitate to email me at amoreschi@wpi.edu!

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