An Introduction, a Story, and a Tip

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Hi everyone! My name is Gianna Terravecchia and I’m so excited to be a new Peer Advisor for the CDC for the end of this year and the whole upcoming year! I am a sophomore Chemical Engineering major here at WPI and I love it! I love of my classes and professors. I’m not a huge fan of staying up until 3 am doing homework though. That’s something I have to work on.

On campus I am also involved with a lot of things! I am an Intern in the Admissions Office which I absolutely love. I am also part of the WPI Tech Girls program, which is a program that promotes STEM education through fun and hands-on activities for middle school aged girls. I am also a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma. Phew! This term I am DEFINITELY working on my time management skills haha.

I went to the Life Sciences & Bioengineering Fair yesterday and have an interesting story to share with you all.

I was helping set up for the career fair, placing signs all over campus and balloons on a few of the signs. As I was setting up one sign, a woman drives on the pathway towards me. She looks a little confused and she is driving on the pathway where the fountain is so I go over to her to help her out. She rolls down her window and asks me where the visitor parking is. I point her in the right direction and go back to putting up signs.

About ten minutes later I see her walking up to the campus center and I wave hi to her. She seems so be carrying a lot of stuff so I go over and see if she needs any help. She tells me that she’s okay but I show her where the elevator is in the Campus Center because she says that she needs to go to the second floor. It occurs to me that she is an employer at the career fair, but she seems to be in a rush so we didn’t really chat. I show her the elevator and go on with my day.

Fast forward 3 hours…

I am dressed in my best business professional clothes I have and I am walking around and making a game plan. I had done my homework and I knew there was one company that I REALLY wanted to work for. This company’s table is in the back and as I approach the table SHE IS SITTING THERE! I wasn’t sure if she would remember who I was or anything but when it was my turn I walked up and introduced myself and she said, “Hey were the nice young lady that helped me out earlier, Gianna right?”

I was so excited she remembered my name and we had an awesome conversation. I told her I was interested in Process Engineering and she told me that they didn’t have any open process engineering internships, but the company just might need a helping hand, winked at me, and gave me her card.

At the end of the fair, she walked out of the Odeum and saw me. She called, “bye Gianna!” as she left with her colleagues.

Bottom Line:

You never know who you are going to meet. Just helping someone find a parking space and helping them find the elevator may cause them to remember who you are. And they just may work at the company you want to work for. Networking can happen ANYWHERE.

Until next week,

Gianna <3



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Hey everyone! My name is Gianna Terravecchia and I am currently a senior here at WPI majoring in Chemical Engineering. A few of my favorites include Italian food, ice cream, the color purple, and penguins. I am a Senior Peer Advisor here at the CDC and I am here to help you in any way I can!

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